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About Us

Our Story

At first, we just sold jackets online; we were simply two rookies with a penchant for leather, trying to cash in on the celebrity fashion craze. We had no business strategy or qualifications, but selling our first pair that week convinced us to take it seriously and devote more time to this new endeavour.

Then we purchased our first quality leather sample. It was then that we discovered how each sort of leather was distinct and could be utilised in a variety of ways.

We discovered that genuine leather jackets are more trendy and exquisite than imitation leather jackets, so we turned our attention to creating something more sturdy and long-lasting.

Our Objective

We created English Jackets to be more than just a place to purchase; we wanted it to be a place where true friendships could be forged. We think that human connection is crucial, and we want you to have a feeling of belonging. We want you to feel as if you’ve met a friend, whether it’s a relationship with us, your fellow shoppers, or the brands we represent. We hope that the experience will have an influence on your life from the moment you browse until the day you decide to become a member of our family.

Highest Quality Raw Materials

Although our coats seem casual, our quality is not. We exclusively utilise high-quality materials, such as genuine leather, skin-friendly lining, and long-lasting hardware, to ensure that your new jacket will endure for years to come.

Why Make a Decision US

English Jackets are one of the world’s fastest-growing leather jacket brands, with thousands of delighted consumers. Because of our customer-centric culture, we are able to go above and beyond to keep our clients pleased.

THE PROMISE OF English Jackets

We are dedicated to making the world a better place via sustainable fashion and business methods. Our leather comes from actual animals farmed for food in our area. We work directly with cow farmers to guarantee that they receive fair payments for their leather.

What We Do to Bring People Together

Whether you’re attending a small event, going on a night out in the city, or simply throwing a BBQ at home, a nice jacket is a perfect way to bring your ensemble together. Our jackets are particularly created for men and women who seek comfortable clothes that can be worn in any condition or season.

Nothing makes us happier than watching our clients laugh and have fun with their family and friends while wearing something that actually provides them satisfaction and happiness.

Free Shipping

We are launching free delivery all across the world, with the assurance that it will continue indefinitely.
It takes 7-10 working days to process an order after it has been confirmed. Your order will be dispatched within 10 days at the most and will arrive in 4-7 days.

24/7 Customer Service

Our live chat help is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and emails are responded to within 3-24 hours. We are attempting to provide the best customer service possible.

Money Back Guarantee

We place high importance on our customers and their pleasure. Within 30 days of receiving the goods, the customer can simply swap or return them. And we guarantee to pay you your payment

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